8 A24 movies like Bodies Bodies Bodies to watch next

A24’s latest horror movie Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is a thriller full of jokes and buzzwords aimed at Gen Z, yet scary enough to make anyone jump. Starring a mix of up-and-coming actors and household names – Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Pete Davidson, Rachel Sennott, Chase Sue Wonders and Michalla Herod – the film follows a group of rich young friends on the hunt for a real-life killer after participating in a silly game of fictional killers and victims that quickly becomes all too real. Throw in the fact that everything comes crashing down during a hurricane and you have a recipe for the perfect claustrophobic slasher.

If you loved the intense energy and laugh out loud moments Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, you’re in luck: A24, the production studio behind the new film, has a bunch of other films that hit the same thematic notes and are just as impressive from a cinematic standpoint. A24 became known for an ensemble of horror films filled with quirky cultural references and intense social commentary, and Bodies, Bodies, Bodies just scratching the surface.

from Midsummer to Life and Beth, here are eight other A24 films that capture the same vibe as Bodies, Bodies, Bodies for your next horror movie marathon.

Although The Monster the plot does not involve a game that has gone off the rails, it is similar to Bodies, Bodies, Bodies in that it focuses on the horrors of being hurt by someone you love, and also includes the horrors that come with murder and monsters. The 2016 film follows a mother and daughter who become stranded in the dark forest after bumping into a creature on the road.

This weird 2014 horror film is based on a comedy just like Bodies, Bodies, Bodiespp. It follows a man named Dean who is grieving the loss of his friend Beth until he realizes that she has returned as a zombie. Things of course get brutal and at times scary, but Aubrey Plaza’s comedic talent is what makes you want to stay until the end. Additional bonus: Life after Beth also features a young Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal minds) in a supporting role.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Similar to Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, The Blackcoat’s Daughter features a talented young cast that includes Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton, who play off each other’s fear and violence well. These actors play three young women engulfed in the occult horrors of an almost empty boarding school in the dead of winter, giving it the same claustrophobia of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.

The slogan of It comes at night says it all: “fear turns men into monsters.” In it, two families try to stay safe while an unknown source of danger tries to kidnap and kill them. In time, the group realizes that their fear and paranoia are greater threats than the monster itself. The horror lies in the way their humanity is pushed to breaking point, much like Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.

Although Green room is much less funny than Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (and also not set in a fancy mansion), focuses on a group of young friends in a gang who get stuck fighting for their lives while being held hostage in a country music venue with murderous owners.

One of the most popular A24 films to date, Midsummer matches the energy of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies with its parallel horrors of literal violence and relationship drama. Florence Pugh plays the main character, who experiences the sheer torment of the death of family members and a failed relationship. These bloodless, disturbing fears are made literal at a haunting, violence-filled festival in Sweden that cranks up the horror to a fever pitch, with brutal cult-like violence carried out in constant, bright sunlight. It’s kind of weird, just like Bodies, Bodies, Bodiesbut that’s part of what makes it so fascinating.

Hereditarystarring the haunting Toni Collette, most often held in one house, just like Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, adding to the tension and claustrophobia of a plot already full of classic demonic cult horror. The film, one of A24’s most lauded films with an 89% Rotten Tomatoes score and two Critics’ Choice nominations, follows a family as they grieve the loss of their grandmother/mother and realize cursed, demonic family secrets after her death.

Released in May 2022, men explores the perils of being a woman in a world full of bullies. The film follows a woman grieving the loss of her husband who decides to escape to a small English village to rest. Of course, her peace doesn’t last long as she begins to be chased by all the very similar looking men in a small village.

If you can’t get enough Bodies, Bodies, Bodies jumps, jokes, and social commentary, you’ll love these other A24 horror movies.