AMON AMARTH shares music video for ‘Find A Way Or Make One’

AMON AMARTH shares music video for ‘Find A Way Or Make One’

Swedish melodic death metallers AMON AMART have just released their twelfth studio album, “The Great Heathen Army”through Metal Blade Records. The official music video for the song “Find a way or make one” can be seen below.

AMON AMART declares, “Gentiles! The time is here for the arrival of the “Great Pagan Army”! This record has many elements that make it up AMON AMART in 2022, from the dark and brutal death metal of “One Owns You All” to the singing of “Haydrun” to Biff Byfordthe incredible guest vocals of “Saxons and Vikings” and much more. We’re ready to take this record around the world for a two-year run and we’ll see you at the shows soon.”

Video development for “Find a way or make one”the band says, “We made this video with a director Mikis Fontanier in Frankfurt, Germany and with him we wanted to try something different. This video is our take on the style of some of our favorite videos we grew up watching as kids, for example DUMPED SISTER‘c ‘We won’t take it’ and MOTORHEAD‘c “Slain by Death”. We had fun doing this and it was definitely fun to break up a dated old business office!”

In a unique partnership with Drops AR, AMON AMART has hidden five virtual trading cards in an augmented reality scavenger hunt. Each card represents a band member and contains an exclusive preview of a song from the new album.

The hunt takes place in WebAR, meaning there is no need to download an app and anyone can participate. Head here for a scavenger hunt where fans will also have the chance to enter to win an exclusive package that includes AMON AMART box set, blood red marble vinyl and music cassette.

Speaking of “Phantasm” podcast about the process of writing and recording for “The Great Heathen Army”, AMON AMART guitarist Olavi Mikkonen said, “We didn’t really plan on making an album. We felt we should. But when we started writing, it was quite normal [writing session] about us. And then we recorded in England – we recorded with Andy Snape. Obviously there were still some problems with the pandemic, but it didn’t really affect it… He has a studio on a farm and we all lived on the farm as well. So we sort of isolated ourselves there. Because we didn’t really want to have the virus there. If someone gets it, we have to delay the recording for a month or so. So we kind of stuck to ourselves. And that was pretty cool because it’s really creative.”

Olavi kept saying that A click “do a monstrous job” of “The Great Heathen Army”. “He was working around the clock,” he said. “Because we all took it differently [recording]. I am in the morning [person]. I did the morning shifts, so to speak, and then Ted [Lundström, bass] or Johan Soderbergh [guitar] do a day shift. And the evening Johan Hegg [vocals] was singing. Yeah, it was really cool.”

Development of AMON AMARTworking relationship with A click, Mykonos said: “What really helps is that we really like him as a person and he really likes us. And he actually likes our group too. I’m not usually into death metal stuff, but for some reason we really like it. it makes a huge difference. When you genuinely like something… Obviously money can buy you any producer you want, but if you’re really doing it because you really believe in it, that’s a huge difference. And that’s the amazing thing about Andy. But he’s also an amazing engineer and producer when it comes to sounds. He knows everything with amps, pedals or whatever – he’s just amazing at it. But he’s also a great musician himself. So that really helps too.”

Last February, AMON AMART released a solo single, “Put your back into the oar”, an ode to the epic Viking order. The track was recorded and mixed in January 2021 Fascination Street Studios in Sweden with a producer Jens Bogren and was made available through the band’s own label Victory music.

The “Put your back into the oar” the video was shot in England over three days in October 2021. The atmospheric, cinematic clip was produced by twin V and directed by Ryan McFaul at Crashburn Media.

AMON AMART will merge with MACHINE HEAD for “Vikings and Lionhearts” joint European arena tour in September and October. North American tour with tingle, OBITUARY and BECAUSE OF CATTLE will follow in November and December.

AMON AMARTthe last album of “Berserk”was released in May 2019 via Metal Blade Records. The disc is recorded on Sphere Studios in North Hollywood, CA with a producer Jay Rustonwho previously worked with ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER, URIAH HEEP and STONE SOUR.

AMON AMART hire a session drummer, Tobias Gustafsson (RETURN, I CUT), during the 2016 enrollment sessions “Jomsviking”following the departure of the longtime drummer Fredrik Anderson. The group clapped OCTOBER TIDE drummer Jocke Wahlgren like Andersonpermanent deputy six years ago.

AMON AMART standing tall and invincible: 30 years into a career that has seen them develop from humble origins in the dark, dank rehearsal rooms of their native Tumba to their current status as explosive festival headliners and one of the most adored bands in the metal world .

Established in 1992, AMON AMART became modern metal greats the hard way. Relentlessly dedicated to creating new music and taking it on the road, the Swedes have steadily built a formidable reputation as a ferocious live band and over the years have been increasingly recognized for their recorded achievements as well. Since the dawn of the millennium, AMON AMART was unstoppable.

Breakthrough releases like those from 2006 “With Oden on Our Side” and its already legendary sequel, 2008 “Twilight of the God of Thunder” further cementing their popularity throughout the metal world as the band’s stage show evolved with each successive tour, becoming one of the truly great spectacles of modern metal. “Berserk” brought with him an epic, history-making trek across North America with fellow Swedes MORTAL ENEMY, AT THE GATES and GRAND MAGUS and saw numerous sales.

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