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NFL Week 2 is here and so are the Raiders and Canelo Alvarez. It was a big weekend in Las Vegas and we expect a packed house at South Point. There will be times when the line at the hot dog stand is longer than the line at the storefront. Great atmosphere in town this week.

OK, let’s get down to it, in Nevada’s official order of rotation — and remember, NFL-wise, we’re always -110 at South Point anyway.

Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens (-3.5, 44.5)

We opened 3.5 on Baltimore and there was no movement. Neither the total nor the money line. Still, there’s plenty of action. We write a lot of business, but the sharp money sits this one. Just one of those games and it looks like a pretty good matchup too.

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns (-6.5, 39.5)

We opened Browns -6.5 and the first bet was +6.5. We went down to 6 and they brought it back pretty hard. So we’re back to 6.5 and we’re seeing pretty even business now at 6.5. Wise guys also put -265 on Cleveland’s money line.

Washington Commanders at Detroit Lions (-1.5, 48.5)

We opened the game -2 and the first bet came on the Lions and we went to -2.5. They took 2.5 and gave back 2 so we are now at Lions -1.5. This game had a lot of movement.

Indianapolis Colts (-3, 45) at Jacksonville Jaguars

We opened Colts -4. They took 4, they took 3.5 and now we’re down to 3. I see some 3 with favorite juice and even still some 3.5 in there but we’re 3 flat (-110 each way). The crowd was introduced to the Colts at -3.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5, 43.5) at New Orleans Saints

We opened Bucs -3. They took the 3 strong. We’re at 2.5 and the crowd goes back to the Bucs at 2.5, but it’s nowhere near strong enough to go back to 3. The wise guys also stepped in against the Money Saints. They took +140 and now I’m down to -145 in Tampa Bay, plus +125 in New Orleans.

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants (-2, 43.5)

We opened 2.5 and sharp money took Panthers + 2.5. Even right now I’m starting to get a bit of game plus 2. Not real sharp money but the followers. There is decent moneyline play here as well. Sharp money took +120 on Panthers and now I’m down to -130 on New York, +110 on Carolina.

New England Patriots (-2.5, 40.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers

We have opened this selection. They bet the Patriots on the pick, they put -1, they put -1.5 and they put 2. Sharp money is waaaay on the Patriots, but the crowd is playing the Steelers. Definitely a big divide here – sharp money for the Patriots, public for the Steelers.

Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams (-10, 46.5)

We discovered on 10.5. The wise guys took 10.5 and now we’re at 10. The public again puts 10, but not enough to move it. Pretty solid 10 anywhere on the market now.

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers (-9.5, 40)

We’ve been all over the place on this one. We opened Niners -8.5. They put 8.5 and we went 9. They put 9 and we went 9.5 and they took Seahawks + 9.5. We went back to 9 and one of my biggest customers gave me a 9 and I went to 10 with him and they gave me back a 10 so now I’m back to Niners -9.5. This is the highest stakes game of the week. Lots of action on the total too. We opened 42.5 and they bet Under 42.5, they bet me under 42, I went to 41.5 and they bet me a lot this time and I went all the way to 40. The weather looks like it’s going to be terrible. Hoping to get over 40 bucks but still nothing. I’m the lowest store in the market at 40. The crowd is on the Seahawks.

Cincinnati Bengals (-7, 41.5) at Dallas Cowboys

We opened 7 and they put me to bed. I went to 7.5 and they brought it back hard. Definitely steep at +7.5, so we go back to Bengals -7 in this game. The crowd is definitely Bengals.

Houston Texans at Denver Broncos (-10, 45)

We opened 10 and haven’t moved at all. There isn’t much to do with this game. Very little interest at all.

Arizona Cardinals at Las Vegas Raiders (-5.5, 51.5)

We found this game at Raiders -4.5. They put me 4.5, they put me 5. Now we are at 5.5 and we are starting to write even business at 5.5. The sharp money definitely lifted me up. I don’t see any 6s on the market right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get there.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (-10, 41.5)

That’s another game we haven’t moved, but we actually have a pretty big business. Wait a minute. I take that back. We opened 10 and bet to 10.5 and then they took 10.5 and we went back to 10. The first move was to the favored Packers and then it went back.

Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills (-10, 47.5)

We opened the Accounts -10.5. Sharp money took the dog. Now I’m back to 10 and the money is coming in strong in the accounts but the public is putting out 10. I have a feeling we’ll be back to 10.5 by the time we post.

Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles (-2, 51)

Quite divided here. The big money is definitely on Philly in this game. The public is Vikings. We haven’t moved the number. It was at 2 all along, but hard money is on one side, the public is on the other.

Big fight weekend in Las Vegas with a Raiders home game followed by a Monday night matchup. It must be good. Thank you and I will get back to you next week. Enjoy the games.

Chris Andrews is the director of sports betting at South Point in Las Vegas and has been a Nevada bookie for 40 years.

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