Anti Contour is the empowering beauty trend going viral

Anti-contour is the rebellious and empowering new beauty trend taking TikTok by storm — and even Kim Kardashian seems to be championing it.

Despite contouring – the labor-intensive process of using creams, powders and color correctors to sculpt with shadow and soften with light – the long hold on the fortress as a beauty trend of the decade, it seems we’re moving away from the over-the-top technique in favor of a more natural look .

Enter: anti-contouring: the technique of making your skin look like, well, skin.

The new beauty term was coined by Bobbi Brown, the beauty advocate, founder of Jones Road, and anti-contour advocate—and it involves accepting and embracing your skin just the way it is. We’re here for it.

“There’s a lot of negative content on social media that’s about covering up your flaws, highlighting your features and always looking perfect, no matter the cost,” Bobby explains. “That’s just not my philosophy. I always focus on the positive and celebrate the differences in people’s faces. If you want to know how to contour or de-emphasize any feature you see as a flaw, you can just go to YouTube and you’ll find ways to cover it up. But I don’t teach people that way use makeup. Everything I do at Jones Road is about making your skin look like skin. Only your best skin. I know the women who buy it will be women who want ease, simplicity, to look like better versions of themselves.

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Bobby believes the empowering new beauty trend is due to the pandemic, explaining, “With many of us working from home during the pandemic, one of the consequences of our new normal is that our relationship with beauty has changed. We have all learned how to live with less and accept things as they are, including the way we look. The truth is, if you eat well and take care of yourself, you really don’t need a lot of makeup. Today, I wear less makeup than ever, and so do the models I do in my chair. This sheer, naturally beautiful look just feels more fashionable right now than a full face of makeup.”

So how can we achieve the anti-contour look? It really is as simple as using one product, according to Bobby. The beauty guru encourages her followers to ditch her 10-step makeup routines in favor of using a few trusty products to add a little glow, enhance your natural features, and feel damn good about it. “Stop contouring your nose. You don’t need it,” she says.

TikTok content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

It’s the anti-contour spirit that inspired her Jones Road beauty line. “My ethos has always been to learn to love yourself and use makeup to enhance your natural features. When I created Jones Road, I set out to make the makeup equivalent of a Swiss army knife – products that are clean, easy to use and multi-functional that work for every skin type or skin tone. It’s about creating a makeup kit with fewer, better, clean products that help you create your best makeup-free look, and then stepping out into the world feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.”

Want to try an anti-contour at home? Bobbi suggests getting an all-in-one balm (handily, she has her own called Miracle Balm), but we think any all-in-one balm or even coconut oil can work. Use your fingers to dig into the balm, rub your fingers together and then pat it onto your cheeks for a subtle shine and glow. “I guarantee you’ll look better in no time,” she promises. “Also, if you have extra balm on your fingers, dab some on your lids and lips for a little extra moisturizing glow.”

Sorry, Kim K.

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