California Sports Betting: When Will It Be Legalized, How To Bet Online, Where To See Picks, CA Promotions

The midterm season is quickly approaching, and in addition to voting for members of Congress, sheriffs and other local politicians, Californians will be sorting out the legalization of sports betting in California. As you’ve probably seen from all the commercials, sports gambling is sweeping the country as the next big thing. Unfortunately, sports betting is still illegal in California, but that could all change this fall as Californians head to the polls to decide their fate. There are two referendums coming up this fall that legalize sports gambling, but in two very different ways. The first referendum, supported by incumbent gambling operators and most California tribes, wants it to remain retail-only and not open to outside online operators. The second referendum, backed by online operators such as DraftKings, Caesars and FanDuel, would allow mobile sports betting in California statewide.

Californians love their sports teams, so the latest California sports betting deposit bonus and California sports betting promo code could be very popular if online sports betting is legalized. Until online sports betting in California becomes a reality, bettors can head to the racetrack and take part in the California sports betting that the state has to offer now. They can also brush up on their sports betting terms with this quick guide from our friends at SportsLine.

How to bet on sports in California when it’s legalized

There are several ways you can place sports bets both online and at retail sportsbooks, and many types of bets you’ll want to familiarize yourself with.

Futures: A futures bet is placing a bet on a team on how it will finish at the end of the season. Whether the bet is on a team’s overall win, playoff hopes, or whether they can go all the way and win the championship, bettors can place bets on these things before the season. Because the odds are usually high, there can be value in these types of bets, creating excitement for the bettor throughout the season.

Prop Bets: Prop bets are single bets that can be placed in the game but are not dependent on the outcome. Bets can range from the overall performance of the players, points scored in a part of the game or even who will be the first team to score a goal. Since most people focus on totals, spreads and moneylines, prop bets sometimes offer more value to the bettor. These are fun side bets that can make the game even more exciting and keep you from waiting for the end of the game.

Same Game Parlay: This type of bet is taking over sports gambling and growing in popularity across the country. A same game parlay can combine spreads, totals, prop bets and everything in between in one ticket. It could be as few as two bets on the same game or several dozen, but each sportsbook is different in terms of what is available to combine on an individual game. However, these types of bets are often very risky, so play responsibly.

Where to find the best sports betting tips in California

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