Celebrities Dislike Johnny Depp’s Post-Trial Instagram Post After New Court Documents Are Unsealed

Celebrities Dislike Johnny Depp’s Post-Trial Instagram Post After New Court Documents Are Unsealed

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Earlier this week thousands of pages of pre-sealed court documents from the Johnny Depp case vs. Amber Heard were released to the public and they were pretty horrifying. They reveal the original plan by Depp’s legal team to use nude photos of Heard against her; confirmation that the photos and audio provided by Depp were tampered with; notes from the couple’s therapist confirming that Heard was a victim of “intimate partner violence;” text messages from Depp and his assistant all but corroborating Heard’s claim that he kicked and beat her in front of his staff on a private jet; Depp’s attempts to help Marilyn Manson, another alleged rapist, hide from the police; and more.

All in all, regardless of how Depp’s supporters allegedly financed the cost of printing the documents, the revelations from the pages hardly paint a flattering portrait of the man who was become a national hero for the symbolic defeat of lying, cunning women everywhere. It is not yet clear whether the unsealed documents will have a significant cultural impact; but at the very least, they seem to have convinced some of Depp’s previous A-list supporters to rethink their stance, or at least hide their public displays of support.

On Thursday viral Twitter carving first shared a large list of celebrities who initially “liked” and appeared to dislike Depp’s celebratory Instagram post shared after he won his defamation case in May. Jezebel has since confirmed that those celebrities’ Instagram accounts no longer appear to have “liked” the post as of Friday afternoon. They include: supermodel Bella Hadid, Game of ThronesSophie Turner, makeup influencer NikkieTutorials, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Deutch, Joey King, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Coolidge, Jordan Fisher, McKenna Grace, Riley Keough, and Bruce Campbell.

Amanda Knox, an activist known for her wrongful conviction in Italy for murdering her roommate in 2007, also appears to have initially “liked” the post in May; her account no longer “likes” Friday’s post. Notably, even CUNY, which previously boasted how one of its alumni worked on Depp’s team, apologize about the email earlier this week.

According to a Buzzfeed report in May, other high-ranking celebrities who “liked” the post and they didn’t seem to like it, including Vanessa”people will die [shrug]Hudgens, alleged serial rapist Ryan Adams, directed by Taika Waititi, Jennifer Aniston, Gemma Chan, Henry Golding, Zoe Saldana, Halle Bailey, Naomi Campbell, Dominic Fike, Heard’s co-star Jason Momoa and more. And before that, stars like Courtney Love and Kate Moss publicly shared supportive stories or messages about how Depp didn’t abuse them or he was actively kind to them— thus proving that he couldn’t have hurt Heard because everyone knows that domestic abusers have also abused every woman they’ve ever met. Famous men like Depp’s girlfriend Paul Bettany—who texted Depp about “burning Amber” and “banging her corpse” — and Fantastic animals director David Yates they also called Depp a straight guy and said they’ve never seen him hit a woman, so surely it shouldn’t have happened.

Depp is suing Heard for defamation over a 2018 post she wrote identifying herself as a victim of domestic violence, two years after she publicly accused Depp of abuse. Even before the aforementioned court documents were unsealed, Heard presented extensive evidence of the abuse she claims Depp inflicted on her during their relationship, from incriminating audio and text messages to witness accounts of the toll the alleged abuse took on her. Still jury managed that Heard defamed her ex-husband and must pay him $15 million. An anonymous male juror later continued Good morning America and punished Hurd for her “crocodile tears”, and said Heard and Depp were “both abusive to each other.”

When the verdict came out, survivors across the country spoke out road tax of the weeks-long, nationally televised trial that aggressively perpetuated age-old myths of victim-blaming and sexist tropes — including that if a woman responds to or retaliates against partner violence, she is no longer a victim but an abuser myself. The unsealed documents offer further examples of the extent to which Depp and his team relied on crass misogyny to attack Heard – but this in itself is not a new revelation. There’s no excuse for anyone—including celebrities who publicly promote themselves as feminists and profit from that marketing—to only now realize how screwed up the process is. From a more cynical perspective, maybe they haven’t even changed their minds, but feel the tide is turning and their names shouldn’t be attached to his post?

Learning and growth are important. But how many women must be publicly re-traumatized and mercilessly mocked by millions before enough is finally enough?

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