Celebrity MasterChef eliminated the first finalist

Celebrity MasterChef spoilers follow.

Celebrity MasterChef eliminate another contestant as the grand finale approaches.

After last night’s double elimination, Lisa Snowden, Kitty Scott-Klaus, Cliff Parisi, Mel Blatt and Danny Jones made it through to the final week of the cooking competition.

Tonight’s episode (September 16) saw the celebrities face their toughest challenges yet as they cooked to celebrate the BBC’s 100th anniversary – but in the end it was Kitty Scott-Klaus who was eliminated.

To celebrate the BBC’s anniversary, the contestants were tasked with hosting an afternoon tea for 12 special guests, including actors Sir Tony Robinson, Sue Pollard, journalist Clive Mirey and Strictly Judge Anton Du Beke.


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The challenge proved difficult for the contestants, who were all pressed for time as they only had two and a half hours to prepare their dishes.

“It’s touch and go right now,” remarked John Thoraud as he watched the cooking.

Lisa and Danny were especially pressed for time, relying on teamwork to put the finishing touches on their dessert dishes.

Kitty managed to keep her cool throughout the process, but when it came to assembling her plate, things started to go awry. She ran out of profiteroles before she could finish the tower, which John noted was due to her forgetting to use an entire bag of sweets.

Things only got worse from there, as the tower of profiteroles collapsed before she could serve them to the guests, prompting the judges to step in and help with the presentation.

kitty scott claus on celebrity chef s17 season 11


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For the second task, each celebrity had to recreate a dish from their childhood.

Lisa, Mel and Danny managed to impress the judges with their dishes, becoming strong rivals in the eyes of the judges. Mel’s cooking skills were highlighted in particular by John and Greg who were delighted with her French fish soup accompanied by a cheese crouton.

“[You’re] showing a great deal of cooking technique,” Gregg told the singer.

Although Cliff’s steak and croquette dish was well received, the presentation raised some questions from the judges. “Throwing flowers on the plate is not performance, it’s throwing flowers on the plate,” Greg said.

It was another pastry nightmare for Kitty as her rhubarb and custard eclairs suffered from flat cakes. Despite her elimination, the drag performer was still in good spirits about her time in the competition.

“More than anything, I’m proud of myself,” she said. “I had the most amazing time.”

Celebrity MasterChef broadcast on BBC One.

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