Cooking tricks we found on TikTok to save you time, money and energy

You might have thought TikTok was just for fun, but we’ve actually been learning a lot from the viral social media platform lately — like the best organizing tricks and the “miracle” cleaning product we didn’t know we needed. And now that we’ve seen these genius cooking tricks, we’re 100% on TikTok. The tips below are so easy and will save you time, money and energy.

Our favorite cooking tricks on TikTok

You have completely strained the pasta

Instead of pouring your pasta into the colander to pour back into the pot to add sauce or whatever, you can skip an unnecessary step with this trick. HOW did it take us so long to learn this?

Bowl Trick to Prevent Food Spills

Okay, we don’t understand how we’re just now learning about this tip, but we’re glad we do. We will invert the bowl this way to prevent further messes and spills from here on out. So simple!

How to squeeze lemon juice without a juicer

This TikToker’s cooking tips have gone absolutely viral, and we understand why. He learned his tips from working in a restaurant and now shares them on TikTok. Squeezing a lemon with a pinch is just one of many!

The cooking oil prevents the honey from sticking to the measuring spoons

Thanks to this little trick, you’ll never mess up your honey again! We’ll definitely be coating our measuring spoons in cooking oil from now on to measure anything sticky. And if you don’t have cooking oil, Rach has another tip for measuring sticky ingredients without the mess!

A delicious way to use broccoli stems

Whenever we can avoid wasting food, we try to do so—and this tip not only keeps you from wasting perfectly good broccoli stalks, but it makes a little snack that looks amazing and, as this TikToker says, has sauteed onion flavor. It’s also easy to make!

And for another broccoli recipe, check out these Crispy Broccoli Fries.

Using minced garlic in jars instead of fresh? Double the recipe amount!

Getting minced garlic in a jar from the store is certainly easier than chopping it yourself and lasts longer, but you may lose a lot of flavor. This TikToker says to double the amount the recipe calls for if using the stuff in a jar.

The olive oil keeps the pasta from sticking together

It’s a problem we run into all the time, but according to this TikToker, it’s nothing a little olive oil won’t fix!

Is the soup too salty? Add potatoes

You definitely know the saying when it comes to spices – you can always add and never take away. But in this case you can. By adding potatoes to your soup (if you find it too salty), the potatoes will absorb the salt. Just remove them before serving and you should be good to go.

Make vegetable broth from food scraps

If you’re throwing away your vegetable waste, like carrot peels or onion skins, you’re doing it wrong – according to this TikToker. Instead, you can use this food waste to make a delicious vegetable broth. Such a smart way to help prevent food waste and make something delicious while doing it.

Swap water for chicken stock in mashed potatoes

We will definitely use chicken stock next time we make mashed potatoes. We can only imagine how much more flavor comes from changing the water. And for vegetarians, our guess is that vegetable stock will do the same. genius!

Peeling a hard-boiled egg with a spoon?!

Of course, with all these great tips it’s impossible to pick a favorite, but if you’ve ever struggled to peel a hard-boiled egg that just wouldn’t cooperate, you know we’re going crazy over this one. A SPOON?! How simple and creative.

An ingenious trick for storing cheese + keeping it fresh longer

Instead of trying to find a plastic bag to hold the leftover cheese from a block, we’ll be doing this from now on.