Eagle Life Insurance Company® partners with InvestCloud for a personalized approach to the sales experience

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eagle Life Insurance Company®provider of fixed and indexed annuities, today announced that it is teaming up with InvestCloud, a global leader in digital transformation, to offer access to product details about its Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs) through the InvestCloud platform.

Through the InvestCloud platform, financial professionals have the ability to better serve clients using digital planning technology – incorporating specific information to assess how products will perform within a client’s holistic financial strategy.

“For financial professionals who offer Eagle Life FIAs, we are excited to provide a flexible, digital tool to help them navigate unique product features that can help clients achieve their goals and meet their retirement.” , said Eagle Life President Graham Day.

The InvestCloud platform will include information on these Eagle Life FIA ​​products:

  • Eagle Select® Income Focus — 7 Year FIA Surrender Fee Income

  • Eagle Select® Focus Series — 5- and 7-year accumulation of FIA transfer fees

Sewing options during market concern

The InvestCloud cloud platform is designed in a modular way to increase customization and control. Through this robust digital portal, financial professionals can engage with both clients and prospects by personalizing the sales process and creating an experience designed to instill confidence and interactivity.

“Populating our product information on the InvestCloud platform helps us present customized strategies for each client, rather than offering one-size-fits-all plans,” Day said. “And with rising inflation, market volatility and recession worries, there’s no better time to assure retirees and near-retirees that they have solid, individualized strategies for the future.”

InvestCloud Chief Marketing Officer Mark Truesdale said: “Eagle Life has bold ambitions to digitize retirement planning and help clients achieve their life goals. With InvestCloud digital planning, Eagle Life advisors can easily create models of their fixed income products, supporting more holistic planning. We are excited to work closely with the Eagle Life team to support their digital transformation journey.”


At Eagle Life Insurance Company®, we know that retirement isn’t an end – it’s a beginning. A time for people to experience the future they have imagined. That’s why we help them build and achieve their retirement goals. We offer principal protection, growth opportunities and guaranteed income for life through fixed and fixed index annuities available through financial institutions and independent broker-dealers nationwide. And we do all this by nurturing relationships and staying committed to the people we serve. Eagle Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company® (holding company NYSE:AEL). For more information visit eagle-lifeco.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

About InvestCloud

InvestCloud is a global company specializing in digital platforms that enable the development of financial solutions pre-integrated in the cloud. The company offers an on-demand customer experience and intuitive operational solutions using an ever-expanding library of modular applications, resulting in powerful products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, InvestCloud has over 20 global offices, including New York, London, Geneva, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney, supporting trillions of assets for hundreds of diverse clients – from the world’s largest banks to wealth managers, asset managers and assets service companies.

For more information, visit InvestCloud.com.