Farmer-Owned Cooperative Organic Valley Bucks Farm Consolidation Trend;  It celebrates the first collection of milk in 51 small organic family farms

Farmer-Owned Cooperative Organic Valley Bucks Farm Consolidation Trend; It celebrates the first collection of milk in 51 small organic family farms

Multi-generational organic family farms in Maine, new York, New Hampshireand Vermont become members of a 34-year-old cooperative

LA COLOR, Wisconsin, August 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. has lost more than 100,000 family farms in the past decade, according to USDA data, and based on recent trends, it is likely that approximately 5,000 family farms will be forced to close in the next year alone. Dedicated to reversing the trend in food and agriculture consolidation through its mission to save small organic family farms, Organic Valley Cooperative announced today the addition of 51 new members.

“Organic Valley was founded in 1988 to offer farmers an organic market, and we’re still doing that today,” said Travis Forgusexecutive vice president of membership at Organic Valley “We care about small family farmers, rural communities and fixing the broken food system. And that’s what we’re marketing: people can feel good about organic dairy.”

Organic Valley sourced milk from multiple small organic farms in Vermont, Maine, new Yorkand New Hampshire for the first time this week. Without milk trucks collecting fluid dairy products, family farms don’t have much of a chance to survive. When family farms close, they rarely reopen, creating a compounding crisis that has resulted in the loss of more than 4 million farms in the last century.

“It is such a joy to see the milk truck driving down the road to our dairy. We work hard every day to care for this land and our animals, all organic, without the use of toxic pesticides or antibiotics,” said Selina Rooney of Rooney Farm outside Morristown, Vermont. “Supplying milk with Organic Valley allows our farm to remain viable, allows us to be custodians of this place and produce good organic food for people.”

The small family farms whose milk was picked up by Organic Valley for the first time were approaching the time when milk trucks wouldn’t be plying their gravel roads. Organic Valley also included 15 farms earlier this year that likely would have fallen victim to food and farming consolidation elsewhere in the industry.

Organic Valley, founded by family farmers in 1988 with a mission to create a sustainable economic model for organic farms, shares real-time updates through videos and photos of farms in Vermont and Maine on its home page. You’ll find milk from these small organic family farms available throughout the Northeast under the Organic Valley brand.

About Organic Valley

Organic Valley is passionate about doing what’s right for people, animals and the earth and is committed to bringing ethically produced organic food to families everywhere. Organic Valley is the largest organic farmer-owned cooperative in the US and one of the largest organic consumer brands in the world. Founded in 1988 to support family farms through organic farming, the cooperative represents nearly 1,800 farmers in 34 US states, Canada, Australiaand Great Britain. For more information, visit Organic Valley is also @OrganicValley on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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