Ford insurance price and cheapest offers by model (2022)

We at the Home Media Reviews team analyzed and compared the insurance costs of eight Ford models. We’ll discuss average insurance costs for each model in addition to the providers who offer the most competitive rates. Some of these providers are featured in our review of the best car insurance companies.

Ford insurance costs

According to our cost information for 2022, the average cost to insure a Ford vehicle is $162 per month or $1949 per year. These averages are based on the profile of a 35-year-old married driver with a clean driving record and good credit.

However, it is important to know that personal insurance costs vary depending on your situation and driving history. The vehicle you purchased from Ford Motor Company will also have an impact on your insurance rates.

Cheapest Ford cars to insure

Our research shows that the cheapest Ford model to insure is the Bronco Sport, which costs $150 per month or $1798 per year average for insurance with a full coverage policy. The Expedition is usually the most expensive Ford vehicle to insure, costing around $182 per month or $2,181 per year average.

Ford car insurance rates by model

The table below contains average monthly and annual insurance rates for several Ford models.

Ford car insurance costs are affected by several factors, some of which are within your control and some of which are not. Your age, driving history and credit score can affect how much you pay for auto insurance coverage.

Ford car insurance quote

One way to ensure you get the best possible price when shopping for auto insurance for your Ford is to get car insurance quotes. You can contact insurance agencies that interest you and compare prices, coverage and policy offers.

Ford insurance company comparisons

USAA usually provides the cheapest auto insurance coverage for Ford models, costing $97 per month or $1,163 per year average. It is 33% cheaper than the national average from $1730. However, the company only offers auto insurance services to military members, veterans and their immediate family members.

Below we compare the insurance carriers that provide the cheapest car insurance on average for each Ford model.

Ford Bronco Sports Insurance Costs

During our research, we found the Ford Bronco Sport to be one of the manufacturer’s cheapest cars to insure. Erie Insurance tends to be the cheapest provider on average by cost $94 per month or $1,127 per year average.

Ford Edge Insurance Costs

Another model that generally has affordable average car insurance rates is the Ford Edge. We’ve found that Nationwide and USAA generally offer the cheapest fares worth the cost 1100 dollars and $1,173 per year average.

Ford Escape Insurance Costs

The average cost to insure a Ford Escape is $151 per month or $1,814 per year. USAA, Nationwide and Erie Insurance are usually the most affordable providers for this model.

Ford Expedition Insurance Costs

The Expedition is one of the largest models Ford sells and is one of the most expensive to insure. We found that the average insurance cost for a Ford Expedition is $182 per month or $2,181 per year. However, there are providers that offer cheaper than average coverage, such as USAA, Auto-Owners Insurance and Nationwide.

Ford Explorer Insurance Price

The Ford Explorer tends to fall on the higher end when it comes to car insurance costs. Our research found that car owners insurance often provides the cheapest car insurance for researchers, costing on average $108 per month or $1,295 per year.

Ford F-Series insurance price

Based on our research, the Ford F-Series is average $163 per month or $1,966 per year for auto insurance coverage. But drivers can find cheaper fares through USAA and Nationwide, which cost an average of 1070 dollars and $1,166 per yearrespectively.

Ford Ranger Insurance Costs

The Ranger isn’t the most expensive Ford model to insure, but it’s not the cheapest either. We found that drivers pay an average of $155 per month or $1855 per year for coverage. That’s about 7% above the national average for full coverage insurance, which is $1,730. However, you may be able to find affordable coverage through USAA or Erie Insurance.

Ford Transit insurance costs

Aside from the Expedition, the Transit is one of Ford’s most expensive models to insure. Most 35-year-old drivers pay an average of $176 per month or $2,115 per year for full coverage car insurance for Ford Transit. Drivers looking for affordable coverage should consider USAA and Nationwide.

Other car insurance coverage for Ford

In addition to full coverage car insurance (general liability, comprehensive and collision coverage), there are other types of insurance you may consider purchasing to protect your Ford vehicle. They include:

  • Omissions Insurance: If your vehicle is badly damaged or destroyed in an accident, gap insurance will cover the difference between the vehicle’s actual cash value and the balance still owed on finance.
  • New car trade-in coverage: This type of insurance gives you cash for a new car of the same make and model (minus your deductible) instead of the depreciated value of your total car if it crashes in an accident.
  • Coverage for underinsured/uninsured motorists: This covers you when you’re in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. It also covers hit-and-runs in some states.
  • Note that not all car insurance companies provide these types of insurance. But they are worth considering depending on your insurance needs.

Ford credit requirements

Ford Credit is the financial arm of Ford Motor Company. It offers customized financing plans for drivers who buy Ford vehicles. Drivers can purchase or lease new or certified pre-owned (CPO) Ford vehicles.

Although there are no credit score requirements, we found that drivers approved for Ford Credit had an average credit score of 739. This does not mean that the dealership you buy your Ford vehicle from will expect you to have a credit score close to that, but you would be more likely to be approved.

Other Ford Credit requirements include having a detailed employment record and income information.

Ford Insure

Drivers who buy Ford can insure their vehicles through the company’s usage-based insurance program, Ford Insure. The automaker provides several policy options that are underwritten by Nationwide.

According to the manufacturer, you can earn up to 40% off your insurance policy through the program. Discounts are calculated through the FordPass App™ to assess your driving habits and how safely you drive.

Ford Car Insurance: Conclusion

Overall, we found that Ford insurance is affordable for most drivers. There are some Ford models — like the Bronco Sport, Escape and Edge — that cost less to insure than larger Ford vehicles, which include the Transit and Expedition.

Drivers of Ford vehicles can usually find cheap auto insurance coverage through USAA, Auto-Owners, Erie, Nationwide and Geico.

Ford car insurance: FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about Ford insurance:

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