Four no-nonsense questions with electrified chefs

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Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore. // Courtesy of Electrified Chefs

In these parts, Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore are known as The Electrified Chefs. To date, these prolific local food writers have written 17 cookbooks and created thousands of recipes and content for various publications. (Their newest cookbook, you ask? The Best Cast Iron Baking Book.)

In addition to constantly honing their craft in the kitchen, the duo is often busy teaching others the art of cooking. If you haven’t tried one of their cooking classes, can you even call yourself a Kansas citizen?

Plus, in their 40+ years in the culinary arts, they’ve probably tried every kitchen appliance and lived to tell the tale. Heck, the two met in a Crock Pot test kitchen. Slow cooking “still runs in our blood,” they say. (Find their popular food blog here.)

We caught up with the two culinary consultants to ask them a series of silly questions. We made sure they put their knives away beforehand.

The Sphere: Ketchup is off the table. What do you dip your fries in?

Roxanne: We all know French fries aren’t French, but did you know they actually started in Belgium? It seems that the fish-fry-loving people of Belgium had a rough winter when the rivers froze over, and in desperate need of a fried treat, they created fries.

It makes perfect sense that my favorite stir-fry sauce is malt vinegar. I love my fish and chips with a generous amount of malt vinegar drizzled on top, and these are now my go-to fries, with or without fish. My food rationale thinks it’s the balance of the salty fries with the sweet taste and acidity of the vinegar that brings it all together. Divine, don’t you agree?

You just got your own cooking show – what’s the premise?

Roxanne: Funny you should ask! We have already planned the show and the first season is ready. Now if only we could find a sponsor!

Kathy: It’s the show Electrified cooks – included in the cooking. After more than 40 years of cooking together, developing recipes and teaching cooking schools, we’re done. The show will be full of tips better than what you can find on TikTok or Insta and will turn you into a rock star in the kitchen.

When it makes sense, we’ll use our appliance background to add a slow cooker tutorial.

What’s the most complicated dish you can make without a recipe?

K Moore and R Wyss Electrify Chefs

Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore. // Courtesy of Electrified Chefs

Roxanne: Baked Alaska! While chefs know that this recipe is not complicated at all, most people think that it is more than impossible to prepare. It’s really easy.

Julia Child is quoted as saying that she thinks every woman should have a burner. I couldn’t agree more. There is so much fanfare when the burner comes to the table and beautifully browns and crisps the sweet, willowy meringue.

The aha moment when you serve slices and reveal the ice cream-cake combination confirms that food is my love language.

Every chef has some weird, recurring cooking dream/nightmare. what is yours

Kathy: We teach regularly sold out cooking classes. My nightmare is to arrive to teach a class of 15 or 20 registered students when suddenly 30 or 40 people show up. Everyone is hungry and ready to eat, learn and have fun, but there are too many people for the food that is planned.

There is no grocery store nearby and extra food cannot be prepared quickly.

To us, that would be worse than trying to serve Thanksgiving dinner to a crowd of 20 when you’re planning a quiet dinner for six. I don’t want to think about it for a second!

Bonus 5th Question: Swearing is prohibited. What words do you use instead of swear words?

Kathy: Of course, there are times in the kitchen when I have to scream because something isn’t going according to plan. For example, the moment I dropped a pan, broke a glass, or — God forbid — spilled an expensive extra virgin olive oil, I carefully dispensed.

It creates chaos and I react!

A profanity or two may slip under my nose, but what am I to shout? “Shit,” “Shoot,” and “Shucks,” probably in rapid fire. I certainly wouldn’t want my family and friends to think I was less than perfect, and I wouldn’t want to tarnish my image!