Giant TVs vs Projectors: Which is Best for Movies, Sports and Gaming?

Huge TVs are in the news – again. At the recent IFA trade show in Berlin, LG just launched 97-inch OLED TV on display and it was a sight to behold: bright, with crisp detail and vibrant colors. But even so, questions remain about how practical TVs with such a large screen size are, and how they compare to the projector and individual screen combinations typically used to produce a cinema-sized image.

And then there’s the matter of value. Prices for 85 inch TVs start in the $2000 / £2000 / $AU3000 range, a surprisingly low amount considering how much screen space you get. But, like TVs with smaller screens, there can be big differences in performance between models, with sets a few thousand dollars higher providing real advantages when it comes to watching movies and sports or when playing games.

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