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Vienna, Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Boyden, a leading leadership and talent consulting firm with more than 75 offices in over 45 countries, is reshaping its service offering for private and venture capital firms due to their need for a very different and holistic approach to attract and retain talent in the evolving economic environment.

“The days of classic senior recruiting are over,” commented Andreas Landgrebe, Managing Partner, Boyden Austria and Global Sector Leader, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics/BI. “Start-up companies, the wealth creators of tomorrow, need ‘business advisors specializing in talent.’ At Boyden, we work with venture capital and private equity firms as co-mentors to their portfolio leaders, providing rich market, business and technology insights from seed to major investment.

Berthold Baurek-Karlich, founder and managing partner of Austria-based Venionaire Capital, explains: “We have a very atypical way of working with Andreas Landgrebe at Boyden. For us, he is more like a business development sparring partner, supporting our young founders as a mentor, guiding them through the corporate landscape; such as when to acquire internal resources, how far to outsource, go global and hire world-class talent and position the business to attract that talent”.

This objective, mentor-style input creates a relationship based on exceptional knowledge of the growing company, its offering and future prospects in a market context, as well as emerging talent needs, especially next-generation technical talent and experienced board-level leaders.

Baurek-Karlich elaborates: “A strong company culture with diverse work cultures and organizational understanding between generations must be nurtured. Older talent brings a certain skill set that young talent doesn’t; younger talent has a better understanding of new technology and new education. Experience plus flexibility with emerging technologies is ideal and if you get the culture right you have the most accurate and efficient ‘Swiss watch’.

“To understand a startup and its potential, it is essential to have a very strong network in the market, creating a rich context for advice and guidance,” Landgrebe adds. “Boyden has a long-term presence in Central and Eastern Europe and continues to invest in the region, not relying on head offices, but ensuring that we are deeply embedded in each local market; this is how we provide the best opportunity for success to tomorrow’s wealth creators”.

In helping portfolio companies achieve high growth aspirations, Boyden uses proprietary tools, such as the Boyden Leadership Framework and PROPHET Profiling, enabling clients to assess and predict leadership styles and performance across different business cycles.

“Our team in Austria is among Boyden’s pioneers in developing these innovations to provide unique leadership consulting expertise at senior management, senior team and board level,” commented Andreas Landgrebe. “Clients benefiting from these approaches include high-growth firms and some of Austria’s largest infrastructure and services companies, reinforcing the ‘early adopter’ nature of Boyden and our clients, who together actively drive change and investment in talents.’

Looking at the private equity sector in a broader context, the geopolitical environment is changing capital flows.

Baurek-Karlic explains: “The level of institutional investment in private equity and venture capital is much higher this year due to institutional shareholders identifying our sector as one of the most attractive for its risk/return profile. While economists may have expected a lot of capital in the markets this year, given inflation, geopolitical risk and supply chain issues, aggregate bank lending has not been high. Private equity is an increasingly important source of capital.”

Landgrebe adds: “Current corrections in the capital markets are having a particular impact on sectors with above-average growth and significant funding needs, namely cryptocurrency and blockchain. However, this does not change the medium to long-term need for talent solutions and the implementation of innovative approaches as immutable standards across all industries.”

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Boyden is a leading leadership and talent consulting firm with more than 75 offices in over 45 countries. Our global reach allows us to serve the needs of clients wherever they do business. We connect great companies with great leaders through executive search, interim management and leadership consulting solutions. Boyden is ranked among the top companies of on Forbes America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms 2021. For more information, visit www.boyden.com.


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