Inside Marina Baratashvili’s signature body slimming massage

Inside Marina Baratashvili’s signature body slimming massage

There’s a reason socialites, models and celebrities flock to Marina Baratashvili’s nondescript massage studio in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. There’s a reason they smile and endure an hour of painful prodding, prodding, twisting and poking. Create a regimen with Baratashvili and she promises longer, leaner muscles, less inflammation and sculpted skin through her ability to penetrate – literally – to the core of the body’s fascia – a band of connective tissue under the skin that attaches to and separates muscles and other internal organs.

Don’t get confused. This is not your typical lymphatic drainage massage. Baratashvili created his own brand of bodywork and, painful as it is, it works. I visited Baratashvili and sat through the session only to feel leaner, more sculpted and more energetic than when I entered. I sat down with Baratashvili to discover how she began her body journey, as well as her secrets to resolving inflammation and her famous water regimen (hint: drink a lot).

What was your experience that led you to create your own type of massage?

I graduated from Tbilisi Medical Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia. After that, I studied at the First Military Medical University of China. I have worked in a wide variety of settings including day spas, athletic clubs, private practice, chiropractic clinics and physical therapy offices. But the most important moment in my career was meeting Professor Li Wi Kai when I was in China, Guangzhou. I have been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine there for several months. In Guangzhou, I realized what I had been looking for all my life, what I wanted to do and how I could help people. I deepened my knowledge about muscles. I decided to discover the secret of muscle gravity, and today I am pleased with the good results in this direction.

When I returned to Georgia, I worked closely with the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theater and formed a close relationship for more than a decade with their leading star, Nina Ananiashvili, who was also a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi Theater. Also during this time I spent two months each year working with the Japan Art Ballet Company.

What makes your lymphatic drainage massage different from other similar massages?

I can say that I have developed my own style. My training in human movement and my own experience as a dancer helped me understand how the body functions and heals and deepened my understanding of how to help those recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic pain. In addition to simple massage, my unique treatment reduces chronic pain, relieves tired and sore muscles, relaxes the body, calms the nervous system, reduces swelling and accelerates the elimination of metabolic waste. I often use suction cups during my procedures. Cupping removes toxins and improves blood flow through the veins and arteries. Suction cups have a detoxifying effect. I have found massage to be an ever-evolving way to learn about healing the body, mind, and spirit.

After my treatment, you can immediately see how the shapes and contours of the muscles have changed. I can also notice a difference in the mood of my clients – they are happier, the quality of the skin is better, the glowing skin is easily noticeable. I can describe my method as a combination of body sculpting, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage.

You also do lymphatic drainage and cupping…

This combination supports the lymphatic system in maintaining the body’s fluid balance, circulation and immune mechanisms. The network of vessels and nodes of the system contains lymph, a mixture of water, proteins, components of the immune system, waste products and other remnants of cellular metabolism. Lymph nodes that filter debris are found throughout the body. These large collections of lymph nodes ensure that the lymph passes through as many nodes as possible before returning to the circulatory system. For most of us, the body is perfectly capable of draining itself. But illness, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and other problems can compromise the system, resulting in the need for assisted lymphatic drainage.

As for cupping, cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and low energy. The cupping procedure involves placing suction cups on the skin to create suction.

I use cupping to treat chronic pain, back pain and improve circulation. Cupping helps in the formation of new connective tissues and the creation of new blood vessels in the tissue. After cupping, the color of the scars varies from person to person and this is also additional information about what problem there may be.

When will you see changes in your body?

Depending on your physical condition, the results you wish to achieve, the frequency of your sessions will vary. I can say that you can experience real results in 24 hours or less. However, lasting results depend on the regularity of your massage sessions. For example, if you feel exhausted, tired and stressed, a lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to restore your body. Looking to detox your system to lose weight or rebuild your immune system can be a bit more complicated. That’s because much of the results depend on you and your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. If you receive lymphatic massage sessions and then continue to eat poorly or do not exercise, it may not be as beneficial for you as it could be.

You can’t change everything in one day, especially when it comes to muscle. It’s a really long and difficult process. I need time to work on the muscles until they are flexible, then I can sculpt them to remove dead epithelium, increase oxygen supply and restore blood flow. So the muscles can function properly. The good news about aging muscles is that you can rebuild them even if you’re middle-aged or older. I often tell my clients that muscles don’t have to age.

What is your recommendation for someone who wants to lose weight?

My recommendation for a lymphatic massage treatment for weight loss or immune support is to attend sessions a minimum of twice a week for the first month, reducing to once a week for maintenance after three months; It usually takes 10 to 15 sessions for results.

My clients have different problems and goals while visiting me. I use lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce swelling and improve circulation. A properly functioning lymphatic system is essential for overall health.

What are the additional benefits of your massage?

My massage technique is effective in relieving pain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, skin diseases, cellulite, allergies, headaches and other problems. Some clients come to me after some sort of cosmetic surgery to reduce swelling and flush the anesthetic byproducts out of the body.

A few days after the massage, my clients feel like they have more energy. they are able to exercise without pain and have felt a surge of energy. They are no longer swollen.

Talk to me about your water regimen….

Staying well hydrated is essential for good health. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps, fatigue, lack of energy, and other problems. I can always tell if you’re not meeting your daily water intake.

Water in the morning is important, as the kidney meridian works actively during this period. Metabolic wastes are flushed out through the liver. These early morning hours are considered the “golden hours”.

My recommendation is to follow the combination of classical Eastern European water technique and Japanese water therapy. Based on personal experience, here is my recommended water drinking schedule. In the morning – two liters are drunk before 2 p.m. From 2 to 5 p.m., drink another liter. After 5 p.m., just drink water in sips until the end of the evening.

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