Insider and Indeed partner on news and resource platform to help small businesses hire and retain talent to drive business growth

Talent Insider features targeted news and advice, a small business mentoring program, a virtual training event and valuable recruiting tools

NEW YORK, September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Insider, the global news, business and lifestyle publisher and Indeed, a leading global recruiting platform, today announces the launch of Talent Insidera new editorial destination for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to improve the way they hire and support new and existing talent.

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The interactive editorial center features the latest industry news and trends; video series hosted by Gabriel Rees, the famous athlete, best-selling author and entrepreneur; resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs; a virtual event led by hired experts; and a hands-on mentoring program for a select group of small businesses selected by Talent Insider.

Talent Insider features inspiring and informative stories for SMBs to improve the way they do business and recruit in today’s challenging market. The new vertical combines Insider’s news expertise and powerful distribution capabilities with Indeed’s industry knowledge, resources and trusted tools.

Emily Channel, senior editor of entrepreneurship and careers at Insider, is the editor of Talent Insider. “Hiring has become one of the most difficult challenges for most small businesses today,” said Canal. “Talent Insider wants to be a one-stop resource for SMBs looking to improve and simplify the way they discover, recruit, hire and retain top talent. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with a partner like Indeed, given that prominence in the employment world.”

“Our partnership with Insider reinforces our commitment to solving one of the most pressing pain points for small businesses today – hiring and retaining the talent they need to run and grow their businesses,” said Judy Nam, vice president of SMB Marketing at Indeed. “Together, we want to give business owners the tools and resources to help them hire faster, more efficiently, and connect them with the right talent from the start, so they can spend more time building their business.” .”

Talent Insider’s one-on-one mentorship program features a panel of experts who will select and mentor a select group of small and medium-sized businesses whose journeys will be documented on the site. The unique and shared challenges these businesses face will be used to inform Talent Insider content for the site’s large audience.

Talent Insider will also present a virtual live event in the fall that is focused on talent acquisition. HR leaders and small business entrepreneurs will share their advice on how to navigate hiring in today’s rapidly changing economic climate. In addition, the new section will include an interactive quiz to guide SMBs to the most relevant Talent Insider content.

The video series, hosted by Reece, will spotlight one small business, exploring its hiring journey in real-time and extracting from it some of the challenges it faced along the way and key insights on how to overcome them.

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