Kim Seon Ho joins the Woo Young Woo trend with THIS!

The hype for “Lawyer Extraordinaire Woo” is real as viewers are excited about Kim Seon Ho’s outfit similar to Park Eun Bin’s character Woo Young Woo. This happened after the actor’s agency shared a series of photos informing fans of the actor’s current condition.

Fans are swooning over Kim Seon Ho’s version of Woo Young Woo’s trendy shoes

(Photo: Kim Seon Ho Employee Diary, Netflix Korea)

In the latest post featuring Kim Seon Ho, the South Korean heartthrob looks good in his comfortable outfit as he poses in what appears to be a residential area.

As seen in the pictures, the sky blue matches the ‘Start-Up’ star’s outfit, wearing an oversized sweater paired with matching shorts as he flashes his million dollar smile.

Kim Seon Ho

(Photo: Kim Seon Ho Staff Diary)

Kim Seon Ho

(Photo: Kim Seon Ho Staff Diary)

Kim Seon Ho

(Photo: Kim Seon Ho Staff Diary)

However, one interesting detail about Kim Seon Ho’s outfit that netizens love is how the actor keeps up with the loafer trend.

Kim Seon Ho is apparently wearing white Jacquemus socks that retail for $40 USD and Prada leather loafers for $1,150 USD.

Interestingly, some of the netizens reminded them of a certain character with an almost similar style.

(Photo: Netflix Korea Official)

Aside from her deep love for whales, Park Yoon Bin Woo Young Woo’s role in “Extraordinary Lawyer Woo” often wears retro-style loafers, which she sometimes pairs with socks.

Netizens were quick to notice the resemblance between the two and even took a side-by-side photo of the actor and the Park Run Bin character.

Kim Seon Ho Returns With ‘Touching The Void’ And ‘Sad Tropics’

In addition to being active on Instagram, Kim Seon Ho also returned to his activities after months of hiatus due to the huge controversy.

We recall that 2021 was a chaotic year for the actor after he got involved in a scandal in relation to his ex-girlfriend.

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Fortunately, the 36-year-old star is back with a bang and has a current stage play and an upcoming movie, Sad Tropics.

Despite stepping down from his variety show “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4” and what was supposed to be his film debut, “2 O’Clock Date,” fans welcomed the actor with open arms when he announced his return to stage acting.

Officially debuting on July 8 and running through September 18, Kim Seon Ho took on the role of mountaineer Joe Simpson, who stumbles upon a near-death experience with fellow mountaineer Simon Yates during their descent from the summit of Siula Grande in the Andes.

Kim Seon Ho Touching the Void

(Photo: SALT Entertainment) Kim Seon Ho in “Touching the Void”

Based on the book written by Joe Simpson himself, the stage play also stars Shin Sung Min, Lee Hui Jong and Lee Jin Hee as the main stars.

On the other hand, apart from his stage acting for ‘Touching the Void’, Kim Seon Ho has been seen leaving South Korea and arriving from Thailand for the production of his big screen debut ‘Sad Tropics’.

Publications and reps have been tight-lipped about his role, but he’s joined by Kim Kang Woo, Go Ah Ra, and rookie actor Kang Tae Joo.

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