Local husband and wife launch innovative travel website

By Andy Nixon, STN Reporter

Former Miss Michigan KT Morgan and her husband, former University of Michigan basketball captain Jordan Morgan, recently launched an innovative travel website, On Arrival. The idea came to life after the couple traveled to over 50 countries. KT mentioned, “Jordan and I have lived in six countries over the last eight years of his professional basketball career,” adding, “the concept of On Arrival was shaped by the need to entertain friends and family when they came to visit.”

On Arrival, which launches in April 2022, provides personalized travel offers that are tailored to your individual tastes, habits, interests and most importantly, where you are staying. KT mentioned, “you may be staying in Paris, but that doesn’t mean you want to walk or take a taxi across town for dinner.” After you complete a 10-minute questionnaire, the On Arrival platform will send you a personalized itinerary that provides 10 testimonials or a deluxe itinerary that provides 20 testimonials. The categories focus on places of interest such as monuments, water parks and tours, as well as places to eat such as fine restaurants, cafes and places to drink. The average time saved using the platform can be significant – most travelers save hours of research and planning.

The duo worked with TechTown Detroit to develop the website, but have since returned to the Ann Arbor area to work closely with SPARK, which is a startup business incubator providing services and resources to new, innovative companies. As for getting help, Jordan mentioned “look at all of your local and regional options,” adding, “KT and I had to do over 100 client profile interviews as an exercise through TechTown, which ultimately made us rethink some from our ideas through our discovery”.

When asked about current travel sites, KT and Jordan explained that “people can get lost in the rabbit hole of social media and YouTube trying to figure out where to visit,” adding “with On Arrival, the questionnaire ensures that we focus on the areas the customer is interested in.” The platform not only gives you recommendations and reviews, but also provides all the relevant information needed to buy tickets or make reservations for an event or restaurant, contact the business, and more. Going to a museum? Book and purchase your tickets directly through the On Arrival website.

As a husband and wife business, Jordan and K.T. have learned patience and most importantly how to separate their personal lives from the daily grind of building a company and let go as a couple. Jordan has a degree in industrial engineering, while KT has a degree in dance from the University of Michigan, followed by a master’s degree in marketing from Eastern Michigan University. “We have complementary traits that have allowed us to excel in running a business together,” said KT. Asked about a surprising challenge for the new company, Jordan said “the hardest part for us so far has been explaining and educating the public about what On Call is, how it works and why it will benefit them.”

To receive a customized travel itinerary, the cost is $10 for the standard list or $20 for the deluxe list. Once you’ve completed the Profile Generation Questionnaire, you’re ready to receive directions wherever your travels take you. The duo sees the platform being used for business travelers as well as tourists. For more information or to register, visit www.onarrival.com for a free sample guide or to learn more about how it works.

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