Society Colorado brings yoga, live music, cider and more to Denver

Society Colorado brings yoga, live music, cider and more to Denver

A new concept that debuted this year in Denver doesn’t claim to be everything to everyone. But if you’re into yoga, live music, raw and vegan food, dinner theater, local brews, or holistic wellness, you’ll likely find something to suit your taste here.

Society Colorado is moving into a three-story, 15,000-square-foot space formerly home to gay bar The Wrangler (3090 N. Downing St.). According to an announcement Wednesday, it will house three individual but complementary businesses with the hope of being a community hub.

From left to right: Society Colorado founder Iman Alia, Corey Jacobs and Crystal Wiggins.  The upcoming concept in Denver's Whittier neighborhood that houses three businesses—Thrive (a restaurant), Vibe (a co-working space and live music venue), and Alive (a yoga studio and wellness store)—under one roof.  (Courtesy of Society Colorado)
From left to right: Society Colorado founder Iman Alia, Corey Jacobs and Crystal Wiggins.

The first one is Thrive, a Boulder-based vegan eatery, is opening a second location with added amenities like an on-site cider making facility and junkies. Then there is Vibration, a coworking space by day that transforms into a venue for live music and entertainment at night. And finally it is alivea wellness-focused space with yoga and massage studios.

The complex is the product of a partnership between local residents Iman Alia, Crystal Wiggins and Corey Jacobs, who bring their expertise in the aforementioned industries and specialties under one roof.

“This concept is a place where all these solo things happen — like, if you’re just doing yoga, you can come and do yoga — but you can be introduced to all these other things, people, these networks that you might have been around,” Aaliyah told The Denver Post.

“We’re looking at a city that’s growing like crazy. We are coming out of a pandemic. We’re all kind of redefining ourselves,” Wiggins added. “What better way to introduce a concept that focuses on your mind, body and soul and connects the community?”

Society Colorado is currently building and running a crowdfunding campaign to help get you to the finish line. The business is currently hiring for more than 60 positions in anticipation of a fall 2022 opening.

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Here’s a preview of what’s to come in each space.


In Boulder, Thrive sells vegetarian and vegan options such as smoothies, salads and to-go wraps, as well as coffee and other snacks. In addition to the grab-and-go counter, the Denver location will expand to a full-service small-plates restaurant that founder Jacobs likens to “food alchemy.” Take, for example, an item he calls the Dinosaur Egg, a deep-fried avocado filled with coconut cream and turmeric to make it look like the yolk.

Jacobs collaborated with Ish Baker of Ish’s Brew to make and serve cider and jun, a fermented honey drink, on site.


By day, Vibe will be a “collaborative social lounge and co-working space,” as Society Colorado’s founders describe it. At night, the space will transform based on the entertainment booked that night.

Wiggins, whose background is in the live music industry, plans to bring national and international tours to the stage. But visitors can also expect to find dinner theater, burlesque, aerial acts and more on the calendar, plus beer, wine and cocktails to go with them. (You can expect to see Alia’s collective performance, Pyroglyphics, there.)

It’s unclear what the capacity might be for the specific location, but the Colorado Society overall could hold more than 650 people, Jacobs said.


Alive is for those whose mood is on the cool side. The space will feature yoga and massage studios and offer classes such as dance, guided meditation, sound baths and other workshops. Alia, a certified herbalist, plans to sell a variety of fruit and vegetable-packed, non-alcoholic “elixirs” and wellness products from the salon and store, she said.

“Organic, biodynamic drinks will definitely be something we highlight in our space, as well as herbal elixirs in our drinks and cocktails,” she said.

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