The ultimate psychedelic travel guide to Amsterdam

While the rest of the world is finally catching on to the psychedelic wave, the Netherlands has been ahead of the game for a while – at least when it comes to psilocybin mushrooms. Although the country’s laws regarding so-called “magic” mushrooms have frequently changed back and forth over the past few decades—ultimately leading to a 2008 possession ban—a legal loophole still allows the sale, possession and consumption of ” psilocybin mushroom truffles: the slightly less potent part of the mushroom that grows underground. An entire industry has sprung up as a result.

Accordingly, Amsterdam travel has developed a healthy element of psychedelic tourism. Some people visit the famous city specifically to enjoy these mushy, trippy extras, while others come for their own reasons, finding themselves tempted by businesses with large Mario-like mushroom signs and adopting a sort of “when you’re in” attitude. Rome”. Whichever category you fall into, it’s best to go on your Dutch trip with a little preparation.

Photo by Nick Hilden

What drugs are legal in Amsterdam?

For starters, let’s look at the legality of drugs in general.

Weed and hashish are as legal as possible. “Cafes” sell plenty of sticky and people smoke quite openly everywhere. It is not unusual to smell the pungent smell of manja wafting around the terraces of restaurants and bars.

As already stated, mushrooms are a little more airborne. While the psychedelic mushrooms themselves are illegal, the truffles from which they sprout – also known as philosopher’s stones– are completely legal.

All the other fun stuff – LSD, DMT, cocaine, MDMA, etc. – are more categorically illegal, but still less illegal than in most of the world. If the police happen to catch you with small amounts, the worst you can expect is confiscation and possibly a fine. But just maybe.

Where to get psychedelic mushrooms in Amsterdam

Psychedelic truffles can be purchased from any of the “smart shops” (what a delightful moniker) that are scattered throughout the city. These businesses tend to have the same kind of atmosphere you get in a weed shop or head shop, with the main difference being the presence and emphasis on truffles.

I’m a fan of Magic Mushroom Gallery, one of the city’s oldest smart shops, operating out of its location right in the heart of Amsterdam for almost 30 years. The store has a good vibe overall, but I especially appreciate how they take a moment to reach out to each truffle buyer, asking if they have experience with the substances and providing a few tips for maximum safety and enjoyment.

Amsterdam Magic Mushroom Gallery.
Photo by Nick Hilden

Where to enjoy psychedelics in Amsterdam

Almost everywhere, really. Amsterdam is, to sum it up in one word, cool down, and it’s hard to imagine getting bad juju anywhere you go. Watch out for the ubiquitous bikes whizzing by everywhere, but other than that just wander around and see where things take you.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of nightlife, check out Stone’s Café Bar and Night Club, where neon decor and a 4am closing time make for a solid night of psychedelia. If you want to enjoy a mild afternoon outdoors, head to Vondelpark, a huge park near the city’s key museums. And speaking of museums, the fluorescent Electric Ladyland art museum was more or less designed for fun while under the influence.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

After a long day of wandering the sky-high streets of Amsterdam and wondering if you’ve walked over different canals or just the same one over and over again, you need a good place to kick back and relax for the night.

I recommend W Amsterdam for several reasons. Firstly, this is simply a wonderful hotel, comfortably furnished with exceptional service. Second, its central location makes it perfect for getting in and out of the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, and it’s just a few blocks down the street from the aforementioned Magic Mushroom Gallery.

Finally, very strange things happen. The decor is funky and unique. The shower is located in a strange, completely enclosed chamber that gives the impression that you are bathing in the vacuum of space. And if you’re in the mood to descend into extreme tranquility, the spa – located in what was once an underground bank vault – is super fancy and super cool.

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