This anti-fatigue kitchen mat saves my back while cooking

If you are responsible for preparing and cooking meals in your household, you probably spend a lot of time on your feet. From making breakfast in the morning to whipping up a balanced, delicious dinner in the evening (and everything in between), there’s little time to sit down when you’re working your magic in the kitchen.

Although most kitchens are usually equipped with hard floors that are easy to clean, the lack of upholstered furniture or padding can also become a strain on your back. If you find yourself with back pain after standing at the counter or sink for extended periods of time, what do you do—especially if you want to avoid introducing an unattractive eyesore to your home’s interior?

There are numerous options that can deal with back pain caused by standing on hard kitchen floors. My solution for checking all these boxes was the anti-fatigue kitchen mat I found at House of Noa.

Could Your Floor Be Causing Back Pain?

back pain kitchen

Historically, data has shown that the type of flooring a person stands on can significantly affect the levels of discomfort and fatigue they may experience in their lower back and legs. Specifically, hard floors tend to cause the worst feelings of pain and exhaustion when it comes to the effects of standing on a wide variety of floors.

If, like most people, your kitchen doesn’t have flooring that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds, hope is not lost! Evidence suggests that using anti-fatigue floor mats, which are equipped with increased elasticity to absorb impact and offer little support, can help reduce discomfort and fatigue.

Eat this, not that

Eat this, not that

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How the House of Noa Standing Mat has my back in the kitchen—literally.

House of Noa 1 kitchen mat

House of Noa 1 kitchen mat

It makes sense to imagine that standing on a softer, shock-absorbing surface might be kinder to our joints and muscles than standing on a hard floor. Although there are many choices for an anti-fatigue kitchen mat, most of the options are quite unappealing in terms of the aesthetic factor. Sure, I can outfit my kitchen with a solid anti-fatigue mat that will “blend” well with my flooring, or even choose a mat with a pattern I don’t like but can live with. But why settle for a kitchen mat that doesn’t complement and enhance the room’s decor along with providing comfort for my back and joints?

Luckily, I’m not the only one who needs a beautiful kitchen mat that also keeps my joints happy. House of Noa’s anti-fatigue mats have elevated the perception of the average floor mat – and they’re designed to look great, too. They are a perfect addition to any kitchen floor, especially for anyone who wants to protect their back without having to sacrifice taste.

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At three-quarters of an inch thick and with a non-slip bottom surface, these mats are cushioned enough to provide quality support. Plus, they’re made without phthalates or potentially toxic dyes, so you can feel safe having one in your home; I feel confident having this item around my young family without any potential risks. Although this mat is on the pricier side—with smaller, 20-inch-long rugs starting at $79 full price and around $63 for those on sale—it’s worth it in my opinion.

Going from a standard kitchen mat to a House of Noa mat felt completely different on my body. Instead of feeling like I needed to stretch my lower back after standing in my kitchen for extended periods of time, I felt pain free and my joints felt healthy. Also, it was nice to stand on something that was so supportive.

The small change of replacing my standard, thin kitchen mat with one with anti-fatigue properties has made a world of difference in my comfort levels as I navigate my kitchen. And while functionality takes precedence over aesthetic beauty, I can’t help but appreciate how my adorable new House of Noa mat makes my kitchen look absolutely gorgeous, too.

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