TikTok’s newest feature will be music to your ears

TikTok’s newest feature will be music to your ears

In the years since its debut, TikTok has almost single-handedly upended the way content platforms operate. Thanks to a 2016 breakthrough app, short-form video content now rules the internet.

There seem to be few social media companies operating online that haven’t adapted to TikTok’s influence in some way. META Meta’s response to this social media revolution came quickly in the form of short “Relets” on Instagram and Facebook.

In the alphabet (GOOGLE) – Get an Alphabet Inc. report also pays attention to the growth of the new social format. Google product manager Daniel Marshak said in an episode of the Search Off The Record podcast that the company is looking to use more TikTok and other short video content in user search results. And Google’s sister platform YouTube has also made room for the kind of quick content that TikTok pioneered in the form of YouTube Shorts.

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