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A love of travel is something that every generation shares, but not all age groups value the same experiences during their travels. As a result, there is no definitive “Top Destination” which will appeal to every age group. However, a recent study found some of the best destinations in the world depending on how old you are, and the results may surprise you. Below we’ve listed the most popular city revealed for each age group and each group’s preferences.

Young female traveler looking at a building in Istanbul

Age: from 58 to 76 years

Baby boomers

According to Hollidu, research shows that of any generation, baby boomers spend the most money on food. Likewise, research has also found that baby boomers value great outdoors. With this in mind, the study focused on destinations with a high number of Michelin restaurants and cities with a significant variety of open spaces to explore. Another factor considered is which cities have the most prominent green spaces.

Top Baby Boomer City: Singapore

Singapore skyline

Singapore took first place as the best city in the world for baby boomers. The capital of the nation of the same name is a great destination for baby boomers, as it has 46.5% of its land devoted to green space. This is excellent for a generation that appreciates nature despite the city’s reputation as a bustling metropolis.

Singapore is home to 249 Michelin-starred restaurants, making it an excellent choice for baby boomers. Almost every fifth of these restaurants has at least one Michelin star, and three even have the 3 Michelin star designation.

Singapore skyline with green space in foreground

Age: from 42 to 57 years


According to the survey, Gen-X enjoy exploring historical sites and museums, and nearly half prefer to travel in their own rental car while on vacation. Using these insights, the study looks at cities that have easy-to-drive roads, a large number of museums, and the most 5-star activities.

Top city for Gen-X: Tokyo

Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo turned out to be the best city for Gen-X. One of the biggest reasons why Tokyo beat out other cities for Gen-X preferences was the fact that Tokyo is home to over 900 museums! Additionally, Tokyo had 963 different things to do on TripAdvisor that had a 5-star designation. For commuting between all the activities on offer, Japan’s road quality is first-rate, with a rating of 6.1 out of 7. For Gen-X’ers ​​who fit the description above, Tokyo is the perfect destination.

Aerial panoramic view of Tokyo, Japan

Age: from 27 to 41 years

The millennials

Millennials grew up right with the advent of social media. As a result, the study found that approx 7/10 of Millennials use Instagram at least once a week. Millennials have started their own families, and more than half have children still living at home. When it comes to travel preferences, Millennials base much of their travel around good drinks and food.

Top city for millennials: Paris

traveler wearing a red burette holding a camera and looking at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Given the parameters above, it’s no surprise that Paris took the top spot for Millennials. Paris is one of the most Instagrammed destinations in the world, with over 137 million hashtags on the platform. Likewise, Paris is a foodie’s paradise and wine is often cheaper than the price of water in some areas. For millennials traveling with kids, Paris ranks high, especially because of its proximity to Disneyland Paris.

Cafe Paris

Age: from 12 to 26 years


Gen-Z is the first generation to grow up completely plugged into the internet and social media. As a result, 60% are active users of the popular social media app TikTok. Gen-Z tends to seek out once-in-a-lifetime experiences when it comes to travel and enjoys being immersed in cultural experiences. When it comes to budgeting, over 66% of Gen-Z say cost is an important factor when traveling. Using these findings, the study compared destinations with the most views on TikTok, the most World Heritage sites and the best value for buying beer and food.

Top city for Gen-Z: Istanbul

Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the most popular destination for Gen Z travelers, with its massive 37.5 billion views on TikTok being one of the main reasons. Istanbul ranks higher on TikTok than other tourism giants such as London, Paris and Dubai. Further setting itself apart from these other cities, Istanbul is much more affordable, with beer and food only costing around $7.

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