Traveler Review: Lucky Brand Basel Boots

“Lucky also makes shoes?” This is usually the response I get when people – including strangers on the street – ask where I got my boots. Like them, I thought Lucky Brand only made clothes. But a few months ago, while shopping online for comfortable boots that I can travel with, I discovered the Lucky Brand Basel Shoes.

Technically, I didn’t discover these little leather boots as they already have quite a following. In fact, they have almost 7,500 perfect 5-star ratings on Amazon and thousands of reviews at other major retailers like Zappos, DSW, and Nordstrom. Plus, according to Star Style, Natalie Portman has a pair. Last year, she was photographed wearing them in a twill dress on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder.

But I didn’t buy these boots just because an A-lister is rocking them. And I didn’t buy them because I was drawn to the $85 sale price (which for a 100 percent leather boot is beyond reasonable). Some colors are even on sale at DSW for just $40. But I bought them because I liked the way they looked. I kept them because I’m a fan of how they look.

Lucky Brand Basel Boots.


To buy:, from $40 (originally $100)

Women’s Basel Ankle Boots by Lucky.


To buy: and, from $85 (originally $130)

Although some reviews say they run small, I find the boots run true to size. They fit perfectly in both length and width. I even wear mine with thicker socks (I love Lasso’s low split compression socks). At 1.2 inches tall, the block heel is enough to give me the extra height I want without making walking difficult. In other words, my legs look elongated, not wobbly.

Perhaps the best part about these leather boots is the fact that I didn’t have to spend time breaking them in. Usually when I wear new boots or shoes I can count on getting a blister or two before my feet start to feel at home. That’s why I always have band-aids on hand. But my feet felt like they belonged in these boots from the second I put them on. In fact, I was confident that I could walk for hours in them if I wanted to.

Women’s Basel Ankle Boots by Lucky.


To buy: and, from $85 (originally $130)

Last week I wore them with a white dress to the elegant opening party of Club Med Magna Marbella in Spain. Paired with my favorite black faux leather leggings, they’re also currently helping me cover some serious ground in Porto, Portugal. Even on the hilly cobbled streets of the 900-year-old city, the boots feel sturdy and offer plenty of support. I have yet to twist an ankle or even the slightest wobble (a miracle for me if I wear heels on uneven surfaces).

I also love wearing them while flying because they have zippers on both sides, making them easy to slip on and off when I’m going through security overseas or want to change into slippers on the plane. I usually wear my favorite Lululemon joggers on flights and when paired with these boots, the look is elevated enough to pass as business casual.

Because they come in so many colors and prints, these boots go with almost anything. There are more than 50 different options to choose from on Amazon alone. I just picked the first color that spoke to me, caramel. But if I had to get another pair (and I’d happily buy another pair), I’d probably go for black or tiger suede. Yes, they also come in suede.

If I had to change anything about these boots, I would just say that I wish the toes were a little more rounded. But that’s just because I have big feet (inherited from my dad who wears a size 13) and I think the pointy toes make my legs look longer. I’m certainly not complaining though. Not one person who has complimented me on these boots has asked me what size I am. I just always get asked where I got them from and I know that’s a good thing!

At the time of publication, the price was $85.

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