Why CrossFit Games “The Capitol” has been my favorite event for years

Photo: Enrique V Media

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Among the more than a dozen events scheduled each year at the CrossFit Games, there are some you’re kind of sad about, some you know are necessary for testing, some you absolutely loathe, some that get you on your feet (cue in clean and pulling and grabbing stairs), then some that are absolutely four fire ???????????????? emoticons awesome.

For everyone, the last category will look different, but for me, this event is The Capitol. That’s why.

Taking the CrossFit Games to the Streets

Adrian Bozeman made history by bringing CrossFit literally to the streets of Madison, around the Capitol building and up the stairs, Rocky Balboa style.

Gaming has never been integrated into the city like this, and I for one am here for it. Thousands of triathlons, marathons, Turkish trots and walking, crawling, cycling, you name it, criss-cross cities around the world, inspiring spectators to perhaps take up a sport, but enlivening a city in a way that only sports can.

Boz, let’s do something like this again, please.

Unknown and Unknowable

I think it was the perfect combination of a legitimate test and fun fan engagement, using the city’s rough terrain, concrete steps, turns and elevation changes as part of the race course.

Enough pork flipping to get the pulse racing. Heavy enough to let stronger athletes get the job done.

Run long enough to burn them all. Gives the speed demons a chance to catch up.

Grab these strongman style items and see how you handle the terrain and stairs.

Performance Points:

  • Who keeps the pace correct for all parts of this workout?
  • Who has trained with strange objects? After all, don’t we learn in L1 that one aspect of functional movement (aka CrossFit) is learning how to “move large loads quickly over long distances”? Sounds a lot like the second part of this event.
  • Who handles the unfamiliar element of carrying items over rough terrain?
  • Who was able to cross the line between speed and chaos and come out on top?

I think this workout fulfills all those requirements.

My last reason: There is no time limit

I remember the first time CrossFit hit us with “the watch won’t save you a workout.” This was the final event of the 2015 CrossFit Open: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 with barbell thrusters and barbell burpees.

The catch: There was no time limit. If you wanted a result, you had to do the work, plain and simple.

The same applies here.

All athletes had to complete the entire event, which means everyone suffers. Everyone runs the whole distance and more importantly everyone has to carry the Jerry bag and even more importantly everyone has to carry the Husafell bag which presents the biggest challenges for the athletes.

To be clear, I have no problem with time limits, but I really like a well thought out event like this that has all the athletes sharing the same pain without running away. I don’t think it works everywhere, but I think it worked out really well here.

  • For what it’s worth, last-placed Rebecca Fuselier finished 21 minutes, 8 seconds slower than Gabby Migala, who finished in 33:34. This is going to hurt a lot tomorrow.

Okay, my last, last reason

Because of moments like these.

damn More fire emoticons. ????????????????

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